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The Real Internet Marketing Strategies Rundown

If I got a penny for every time my eardrums heard the words “IM is dying”, I’d be able to buy a Ferrari (oh wait, I already can). I get emails all the time from newer to mid level marketers asking me is there any money to be made in IM? “Is internet marketing over saturated?” “Are big corporations going to take over all the niches?”
Internet Marketing Strategies
Honestly, I’ve been hearing this same rumors for years. The fact is you will hear this rumors the rest of your internet marketing career. This rumors are started by marketers who just don’t know how to make money, so they blame it on everything but themselves.

IM is pretty much common sense. It is nothing more than the basic principles of economics. Remember supply and demand? That concept you’ve learned in your intro to economics class? As long as people have wanted, IM will be alive and kicking. I wouldn’t panic until the human race as a whole stopped wanting.

I can tell you the cold hard truth about IM if you want to hear it.

The truth is IM really hasn’t changed all that much since its creation. Of course it has evolved along with the times and technologies, but the basic principles of success still apply. Aside from the more recent web 2.0 (Video technology, Social Bookmarking, etc.) things really haven’t changed that much.

The fundamentals such as having a plan, building an email list, having an affiliate promotion strategy, developing an effective email marketing strategy, and creating a great product still are the determining factors of success. I feel a major problem with newer marketers is they believe with all the new additions to internet marketing, they can somehow skip the old school fundamentals.

It’s just not going to work that way. I guess I should have told you in the introduction that I teach people how to build long term profitable businesses. If you are looking for a quick short term money maker, then this may be the wrong book for you.

The internet marketing industry is not short on marketers. The good thing is (Dunno if it’s good) 95% fail to even turn a significant profit. The reason is because they don’t know how. Yea they know all the terms, and quick methods, but they don’t know what it takes to be a successful marketer.

If this reminds you of someone (Wink) you are in luck because now you will be able to identify why you haven’t been successful as you could be thus far.

Common nonsense I hear is that internet marketing has become over saturated. Anyone who tells you crap like affiliate marketing, internet marketing, or email marketing is dead has no idea what they’re talking about. And you can tell them I said that.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

This is a method my trigonometry teacher taught me after failing his class twice. The problem was I had over complicate things when I would solve equations. I had to learn that everything doesn’t have to be hard. This concept can be applied to internet marketing. When planning out your goals start with small reachable ones. I don’t know how many times I get consulting clients are ready to start making “thousands per month” before they have made their first dollar.

If I told you to go make $100,000, you’d probably be more lost than a PETA member at a prime rib shack. Now if I told you to go make $100 I’m pretty sure ideas would start racing through your brain.

So let’s focus on making $10 then $ $100, then $ $1000, and so on.

This is effective for many different reasons. For one it keeps you motivated. Every time you reach one small goal you’re ready to achieve the next one. Use this model and you will be earning a full time income online before you realize it.

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    never ending rumors na siguro yan tsang thats how they make money for their business kasi.

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