Making Money from Home Money Making Opportunities Fri, 13 Aug 2010 22:02:30 +0000 en hourly 1 Build A Business Not A Hustle /build-a-business-not-a-hustle/ /build-a-business-not-a-hustle/#comments Fri, 13 Aug 2010 22:01:23 +0000 Keith L. /?p=145 This concept is one that I find it’s harder to stick to then most people realize. I get consulting clients who still don’t want to abide by this. I refuse to teach someone how to make “quick money”. There is no point. That well runs dry really fast.
making money from home

To get to the point where you see many successful marketers are at, it takes patience. The fact is most people just don’t know how much hard work and dedication it takes to make decent money online.

What I don’t understand is no matter how many times they read that, they refuse to accept it. I know people who wasted years chasing fast online bucks. If they would have spent that time building their business, I have no doubt they would be making 6-7 figures by now.

I know you’ve read this millions of times. Well then why are you still chasing the new hot quick money maker who probably won’t make you much anyway?

Building a business online is no different than building one offline.

I’m not sure where this idea that building an online business is somehow any different than building one offline. The same planning, effort, and time apply. The only difference is the start-up capital needed of course.

This brings me to my next point. Why does everyone have this $20 and a dream mentality? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but believe me it’s a lot easier to build a successful online business with some type of initial funds.

At a bare minimum, you should have 1k to start with. I know that goes against everything you probably believe because of all the rags to riches’ stories you hear about in IM. Sure it happens, but you are just making it harder on yourself. If you work at a 9-5 do what you have to in order to save up some cash to start your online business. That’s what many of us had to do.

Yes affiliate marketing is a real business.

I have to address this because of the influx of people who email telling me they want to make some quick money with affiliate marketing starting with nothing. Honestly affiliate marketing is a very competitive business. This belief that it’s some magic business where you just kick your feet up and watch the big money start rolling in is a pure crock.

The successful affiliate marketers I know are very aggressive. They are excellent marketers. They build great email lists and have excellent marketing strategies.

Ask yourself are you ready to commit to building a business from the ground up. It’s not going to be an easy task, but can be done with hard work and dedication.

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The Real Internet Marketing Strategies Rundown /the-real-internet-marketing-strategies-rundown/ /the-real-internet-marketing-strategies-rundown/#comments Tue, 10 Aug 2010 17:09:37 +0000 Keith L. /?p=130 If I got a penny for every time my eardrums heard the words “IM is dying”, I’d be able to buy a Ferrari (oh wait, I already can). I get emails all the time from newer to mid level marketers asking me is there any money to be made in IM? “Is internet marketing over saturated?” “Are big corporations going to take over all the niches?”
Internet Marketing Strategies
Honestly, I’ve been hearing this same rumors for years. The fact is you will hear this rumors the rest of your internet marketing career. This rumors are started by marketers who just don’t know how to make money, so they blame it on everything but themselves.

IM is pretty much common sense. It is nothing more than the basic principles of economics. Remember supply and demand? That concept you’ve learned in your intro to economics class? As long as people have wanted, IM will be alive and kicking. I wouldn’t panic until the human race as a whole stopped wanting.

I can tell you the cold hard truth about IM if you want to hear it.

The truth is IM really hasn’t changed all that much since its creation. Of course it has evolved along with the times and technologies, but the basic principles of success still apply. Aside from the more recent web 2.0 (Video technology, Social Bookmarking, etc.) things really haven’t changed that much.

The fundamentals such as having a plan, building an email list, having an affiliate promotion strategy, developing an effective email marketing strategy, and creating a great product still are the determining factors of success. I feel a major problem with newer marketers is they believe with all the new additions to internet marketing, they can somehow skip the old school fundamentals.

It’s just not going to work that way. I guess I should have told you in the introduction that I teach people how to build long term profitable businesses. If you are looking for a quick short term money maker, then this may be the wrong book for you.

The internet marketing industry is not short on marketers. The good thing is (Dunno if it’s good) 95% fail to even turn a significant profit. The reason is because they don’t know how. Yea they know all the terms, and quick methods, but they don’t know what it takes to be a successful marketer.

If this reminds you of someone (Wink) you are in luck because now you will be able to identify why you haven’t been successful as you could be thus far.

Common nonsense I hear is that internet marketing has become over saturated. Anyone who tells you crap like affiliate marketing, internet marketing, or email marketing is dead has no idea what they’re talking about. And you can tell them I said that.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

This is a method my trigonometry teacher taught me after failing his class twice. The problem was I had over complicate things when I would solve equations. I had to learn that everything doesn’t have to be hard. This concept can be applied to internet marketing. When planning out your goals start with small reachable ones. I don’t know how many times I get consulting clients are ready to start making “thousands per month” before they have made their first dollar.

If I told you to go make $100,000, you’d probably be more lost than a PETA member at a prime rib shack. Now if I told you to go make $100 I’m pretty sure ideas would start racing through your brain.

So let’s focus on making $10 then $ $100, then $ $1000, and so on.

This is effective for many different reasons. For one it keeps you motivated. Every time you reach one small goal you’re ready to achieve the next one. Use this model and you will be earning a full time income online before you realize it.

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Improve Search Engine Ranking Using Backlink Checker /improve-search-engine-ranking-using-backlink-checker/ /improve-search-engine-ranking-using-backlink-checker/#comments Thu, 05 Aug 2010 17:25:35 +0000 Keith L. /?p=118 If you happen to own a blog, its kind of a routine to check your article stats in regular basis. And when you see there is an irregularity hits to your posts or site, you panic and thought it might be a computer glitch or a fluke, a lucky occurrence that you received lots of traffic.

So how does one learn in finding out to where this traffic came from?


Permalinks are generally created where some other websites link that points to your post or site by posting a link to your website on their site. Backlinks are essential simply because search engines like Google evaluate the number and quality of the websites that connect to your blog to conclude your page’s standing.

Learning exactly where the back links originate from will assist you to understand where and how to generate more visitors to your own website or blogs and also what kinds of articles or blog posts to create.

Probably, the most typical methods in getting backlinks include things like swapping buttons or exchange links along with various other sites as what they refer to as reciprocal links. You can also gain back links by submitting articles to directories and book marking your sites.

However, the most beneficial and best way to draw in inbound links is always to develop high quality, intriguing, notable and helpful articles or blog posts and internet pages, in which other folk links to them by their own free will.

Here are some backlink resources you might find useful:

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Work from Home Jobs – How Small Jobs can Bring Cash to your Account /work-from-home-jobs-how-small-jobs-can-bring-cash-to-your-account/ /work-from-home-jobs-how-small-jobs-can-bring-cash-to-your-account/#comments Tue, 27 Jul 2010 10:00:16 +0000 Keith L. /?p=109 You will discover sites, which have these types of modest job opportunities outlined to suit your needs. All you need to do is to set up an account that requires your individual information and facts as well as your distinct user name. Once you have registered, you are set to examine in detail the categories to get the job that may be ideal for you.

You can get a multitude of small work opportunities readily available by centralized internet-based directories. A few of the job opportunities might oblige you to become a member of a specific site. You will most likely need to create a generic email address to be able to receive your own verification info. After you have utilized the confirmation details, you need to post a comment or copy and paste details, which were furnished from the company.

After getting done the specified task, you’ll have to submit evidence of one’s work. Presuming you have properly completed the task available, the company will pay off funds directly to your bank account. In case you are a novice with the free-lance industry, it isn’t really a bad solution to try your hand at it. For grandparents or stay-at-home moms that might not discover the web to be easy to use, this particular method can help bring earnings on their own.

A number of the self employed or freelancers have attempted to make use of the widely used internet site that utilizes a project through posting and bidding system in order to connect both companies and employees. On the other hand, it can be difficult for people who are generally in the beginning stage and don’t hold the experience to come up with positive ratings at this point. Several business employers are afraid to employ somebody without any kind of knowledge or option to establish that they can do. This is when carrying out small job opportunities might be very important. You acquire experience, pleased the customers and create a good reputation.

Even though the payment for each task is generally within the range of $1 or much less, the small tasks tend to be simple and easy, it will only take a matter of minutes to accomplish. As soon as you’ve gained experience in a specific area, you are going to become quicker, and you may rapidly build up a balance to your account. Many internet sites will give your money to your account whenever you reach a nominal amount. The minimum is often within the estimated of $10 to $15.

It’s easy actually to begin with, by taking advantage of the small work opportunities as an approach to earn quick money. Occasionally, it takes merely a little more push to earn money.

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Ways to Make Extra Money with Resell Rights /ways-to-make-extra-money-with-resell-rights/ /ways-to-make-extra-money-with-resell-rights/#comments Wed, 14 Jul 2010 21:01:25 +0000 Keith L. /?p=95 Ways to Make Extra Money with Resell Rights Ways to Make Extra Money -Resell Rights
Prior to the arrival of the internet, viewers would likely pay a visit to their own library nearby or perhaps book shop, whenever they wished to grab a book.

These days, a lot more viewers tend to be acquiring their books on the internet. These types of publications are sold as e-books oftentimes, and readily available for download in an easy-to-read structure on your desktop as well as can be printed.

In connection to the idea of e-books comes the PLR or private label resell rights, which in turn numerous folks are utilizing these ways to Make Extra Money online.

If you choose to attempt this particular prospect, initially you’ll have to select a subject which will be a great motivation to your viewers. It is most effective in case the subject matter is usually a popular one currently being mentioned on the internet, but one which do not have an excessive amount of competitors as it might be a challenge to market your finished e-book.

On completing your e-book subsequently you may need to determine whether or not you would like to sell it off independently or have somebody else market it on your behalf. You simply must assess the benefits and drawbacks of every choice.

If you choose to promote the e-book by yourself, you will discover it costs a lot of money as well as the course of action might require a lot of time. Consumers are not able to buy your own e-book, for instance, whenever they have no idea you’ve made one. This implies you will need to market your e-book, that involves internet site creation as well as the posting of informative articles or blog posts. Money will likely be required to design and create your own site.

If you choose to allow somebody else to sell your creation, anybody who purchases your e-book as well as the resell rights can sell it to everyone. That individual will probably be knowledgeable in product advertising as well as marketing and will most likely possess the time and energy to market the e-book.

Whenever offering your e-book resell rights available for purchase, you’ll have a variety of choices. Numerous authors permit the resell right’s buyer to change their e-book content material and declare the creation legal rights, yet this particular is simply one of the choices. By getting your own user agreement it is possible to state precisely what you can do using your e-book.

In case your desire is to produce e-books with regards to providing plr resell rights, in that situation you’ll need to look at your alternatives. The popularity of private label resell rights are growing, and thus too is the level of competition. To generate income off from this particular possibility you simply must take appropriate steps swiftly and make a certain e-book prior to someone else.

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Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities /legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities/ /legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities/#comments Sat, 10 Jul 2010 06:03:24 +0000 Keith L. /?p=80 Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities Trying to find for a few tips on work at home prospects? I am about to reveal to you a few of the best home based suggestions that have made it easier for a lot of people to work effectively at home in their online endeavors.

Listed below are the top 10 ideas that you could pick from:

1. Buy and sell internet sites

Discover ways to create internet websites, market them and in the end, sell them. The higher the page ranking of a one’s site as well as the income currently being produced, the more expensive the amount that you could ask for it. A little basic note to the people who seem to believe they have no HTML ability – there exists a website building software program that enables you to build sites with no need to understand html coding. Creating an internet site using this method is quite simple to complete. Begin planning right now concerning this kind of home based business.

2. Internet affiliate marketing

Create your site and utilize it to market merchandise which you can sell to get some percentage of profits or percentages. This could include things like items from auction web sites, e-books Amazon . com site, and many others. One of many preferred affiliate marketing programs which you can sign up for are PayDotCom, Clickbank and Commission Junction.

3. Buy and sell domain names

Determine which domain names are generally going to reach its expiration date and the ones which may have expired. Purchase them and then sell them at a better price to be able to gain some profits. Just for this opportunity, it is necessary that you simply research for the domain names which are marketable. Additionally, in case you take some time to develop the websites, you can certainly sell them for greater earnings.

4. Earn money from your own expertise or hobbies

It is possible to work at home and make use of your skills like writing, telemarketing, typing, transcribing, etc. You can even create e-books and then sell them. Create a blog site and generate income from it using affiliate products, advertisements, Google’s ad sense, and so forth. A bit of creativity can significantly help.

5. Cost per action or CPA

Post offers in your website and get compensated simply by motivating individuals to fill out forms. Discover some offers, which are tightly related to your website. Each time somebody fills out the form for that offer you happen to be endorsing, you will get compensated or get paid for a commission.

6. Create a forum

Create a membership website in which folks can easily sign up for and write about on a selected subject that you’re enthusiastic about. It is possible to require payment from members in exchange for additional details and advantages, nevertheless, you have to ensure that your subject material is a useful one and also advantageous to these people. As soon as you commence this particular business, you will definitely get continuing earnings, which is a fantastic thing.

7. Opt-in E-mail marketing

Study regarding how to develop a summary of potential prospects. Create your products and then sell to these consumers listed on your record. There are several computer software tools referred to as auto responders that can assist you to get the job done in your case. SImply preload your content material and send out periodic email messages along with helpful subject material.

8. Develop a freelancing company

Begin at the convenience of your home, study on numerous home based job options, bid on tasks or perhaps apply for them. Employ a staff of Internet-based personnel that you could allocate to accomplish the jobs. You get the payment from the companies while you pay your own staff. You will find independent sites that you could bid on projects. One of them are,,,, and much more.

9. Sell on eBay

Uncover things, which are not necessary and earn some cash in it. Post them on auction web sites like Ebay or Craig’s list and wait for enthusiastic potential buyers. You may also market product base on consignment. By doing this, it’s not necessary to make investment to cover the products. Purchase them only after the item is being sold. There are more websites where one can publish your items to increase the probabilities of your earnings by browsing through these websites and posting your items there.

10. Get paid to do something

Many other freelancer replies to product surveys and get compensated for each survey after completion. Some are paid to read email, play games, browse through the internet, and many more. This might not really provide you with magnificent earnings. However, when you have extra time, you can examine just how these websites operate. Prior to signing up for some of these websites, ensure you do your homework if they actually pay.

There are lots of additional types of home based options and ideas that aren’t mentioned right here, and you may research all of them as things progress. Keep in mind that you must evaluate your own abilities, know-how, as well as interest to enable you to select the work from a home business opportunity that you will find most effective for you.

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How To Avoid Procrastination /how-to-avoid-procrastination/ /how-to-avoid-procrastination/#comments Mon, 05 Jul 2010 11:45:47 +0000 Keith L. /?p=73 Putting things off or procrastination can be a hassle for most of us. I personally, am this type of person that I can readily obtain honors for being so great at it. Procrastination is related to slackness. You set things aside, understanding that there will always be plenty of time for it to perform within the next few hours, days, or maybe months. Personality-wise, stalling is just not constructive, it is an adverse force that leads to unutilized abilities and dullness.

There’s a chance you’re pondering when, what, really leads to procrastination? Below is a listing of common factors why I go on putting off things until a later time.

o The suitable ambiance. Interesting as it might sound, I usually hang on for the perfect mood in which I experience happiness or energetic to complete specific things. I could think about my feelings being an aspect to encourage me to function.

o The ideal time. In order to opt for mood could be the proper moment. There are occasions when I awaken and get ready to wash the heap of clothes in my hamper. However, simply as I am prepared to launder clothes, the rain suddenly falls. Then it is putting off time again.

o Underrating the moment and impracticality of achieving an endeavor. I might seem conceited, but, in many cases, I take too lightly the complexity of a job. I always keep informing myself I could get it done within a limited time (and end up getting a half-baked job).

o Blurry tasks. I usually delay doing things once I don’t understand how to proceed and exactly what objectives to complete.

o Thoroughness. Until now, I cannot determine if this sounds like an optimistic or perhaps bad mindset. I hold off completing a task, mainly because I make it a point that each fine detail, regardless how small, is well-examined.

It can be interesting that I ought to be the one providing you techniques to deal and eliminate procrastination as I, likewise, am doing it. Nevertheless, as people say, a great teacher is somebody that has actually gone through the experience. Let me just say you this: most of these points will work when you have a heart to stick to them consistently.

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Online Affiliate Programs – Reasons You Should Do It /online-affiliate-programs-reasons-you-should-do-it/ /online-affiliate-programs-reasons-you-should-do-it/#comments Fri, 18 Jun 2010 22:14:38 +0000 Keith L. /?p=15 Online Affiliate ProgramsFor sure, one of the topics several bloggers are passionate about appeared to be the Online Affiliate Programs to gain residual income business. For some they were having difficulties with the advertising as an example in order to monetize their blogs as well as the desire to broaden or diversify and try out online affiliate marketing campaigns or make money affiliate.

On the other hand, hoping to get involved with internet affiliate marketing and also carrying it out are generally 2 various things. There are numerous of complexities to beat basically. One of those issues is discovering the right merchandise to advertise.

Selecting the most appropriate products in promoting with affiliate campaigns is necessary for many factors – the two major ones being:

1. Correlated Products are Essential

In case your blog attracts viewers primarily based on a specific subject or market you’re not going to have the ability to market items that have no relevance to your blog’s subject.

2. The Level of quality of Products can Influence Your Long-term Brand

Promote inferior products, and you’ll probably be negatively affecting your brand. Viewers consider whom they learned about the products coming from and their confidence of both, you and your blog is going to be elevated or diminished to simply by endorsing whatever products in their eyes.

Therefore – selecting the most appropriate affiliate marketing product is vital. It’s not merely affecting conversion rates and earnings. However, it applies to your own brand and interactions with visitors.

How to get the suitable Affiliate Product to advertise. Some suggestions and ideas on discovering affiliate marketing programs to market springs to mind:

1. Google It

This one is nothing complex, but it really works. In case you have a Beauty Product blog, type the phrases “Beauty Products Affiliate Program” to find an enormous information concerning these products. Place your main keyword phrases directly into that lookup, and you’ll simply discover goods that tend to be strongly related your area of interest.

2. Research your Competitors

Precisely what products are many people marketing in your specific niche market. In many cases, simply take a brief look down the sidebar of some other thriving blogs within your niche to determine what services and products they are advertising will certainly uncover affiliate products and programs you could potentially advertise to.

3. Take a look at Google ad sense Adverts

Most of the Ad sense advertisements are on some other blogs apart from Search engine’s search and perhaps on your own blog there tend to be products with affiliate programs connected. However, never click the adverts posted on your blog, although finding out about what is the advertisements showcase can easily disclose a myriad of prospective affiliate marketer associates. The same principle does work with other forms of advertising and marketing.

4. Approach Possible Affiliate Partners

This one may well not work if you have a new blog with modest targeted traffic but as your own weblog evolves you could possibly end up capable of approaching the manufacturers of goods and services to determine if they would commence some sort of affiliate program in your case.

5. Search Affiliate networks

Finally there are actually a number of affiliate networks around that record numerous affiliate marketing programs. The majority of these possess research features to help you to enter key phrases and locate campaigns based on your specific niche market. Take a look at PepperJam Network, Clickbank . com, MarketLeverage, Commission Junction among others.

6. Look online Shops for Products

Lots of online retailers like Amazon . com have affiliated marketing programs along with them. Generally speaking, the commissions may not be substantial (one example is Amazon that varies from as little as 4% up to 15% based upon the kind of item and just how much you sell).

I suppose they’ve got narrow revenue margins – yet stores similar to this have a relatively huge product selection and can be quite a great starting point as you develop targeted traffic and discover some other Online Affiliate Programs.

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Time Management Strategies to Maximize your Productivity /time-management-strategies-to-maximize-your-productivity/ /time-management-strategies-to-maximize-your-productivity/#comments Fri, 18 Jun 2010 19:37:07 +0000 Keith L. /?p=13 Time Management Strategies

time management strategies

Reducing unnecessary time out of your daily activities is similar to cutting back additional calories in your diet plan. Initially determine in which the time goes and plan to maintain a detailed report of your respective timetable for the following seven days.

Always be specific. Record the length of time you had been on the cell phone against creating memorandums rather than marking three hours as “planned trade show” .

Total the categories towards to end of each week.

Just simply understanding how enough time you could be investing checking your own e-mail, telephone calls, as well as scouring the internet could possibly be sufficient to get rid of the pattern. Indeed, everybody is deserving of a periodic break. However, your own objective should be to devote a shorter period at work.

These factors amplify your day–and the level of stress. It’s not necessary to eradicate them altogether, just put an effort to make it less significant. By keeping non-work related interactions briefly or checking your email on the hourly basis, these small adjustments could help you make a positive change.

At this point, review your work assignments. Do the tasks that take your time longer colligate to your work? If you are expending a great part of your week on projects not as part of your work outline, it’s time to get a discussion along with your employer.

After that, figure out what resources or training that can assist you in decreasing time allocated to job-related duties. A training course in Ms PowerPoint could possibly enable you delivering presentations faster? You can do a list and present it for your superior to review.

Plan Ahead of time

“I’m so tied up, I don’t have plenty of time to plan!” If this sounds like your concept, consider a further review of your work style.

One of the biggest misconceptions concerning effective time management is the fact that planning requires a longer period than it’s really worth. For individuals without having private assistants, the most significant move we could create to have is to manage our time and to plan in advance.

Planning should not be complex. It could be as easy as taking a couple of minutes prior to start working and consider what you would like to achieve. This would be the only amount of time in your workday when you might end up being proactive rather than reactive.

Planning has several advantages:

* It keeps yourself on the right track. Simply, by considering out what you need to get accomplished, you continue moving in the right path.

* It slashes downtime. It is possible to deal instantly some tasks that need further recap or sluggish spots instead of contemplating what needs to be finished first.

* It permits you to concentrate on your own priorities. Knowing what certainly has to take place today, you can completely focus your time and effort on being confident that it gets accomplished at the end of the day.

Write Down Everything

By writing down anything you need will allow you to sort things out accordingly. The pure action of creating a record will assist you to keep in mind what’s necessary.

Adhere to Your Priorities

You should find out what your priorities are, don’t you? Otherwise, it’s the perfect time to work them out. Create a listing of your regular job responsibilities, evaluate your work description, figure out what has to be accomplished and what isn’t, and talk to your supervisor openly and straightforward.

Tell her you’re committed to performing your task and performing it effectively, although there are occasions when it’s hardly feasible to get it done all. Consult her guidance:

At this point, it’s your obligation to set up your routine appropriately. In case your employer states the weekly report can be your foremost obligation, and you have regularly failed at some point, switch it right up on your own checklist. On the other hand, if interdepartmental conferences are simply not necessarily that essential to her, you are aware of things to by pass in case you have to.

To get additional commitment, type up your set of priorities and post it over your office table. In this case, you are going to learn what you need to do therefore it is very critical to learn some Time Management Strategies.

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